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John Starrett's Microtonal Music Resources

This page is my effort to organize the web resources of microtonal music. If you find any valuable links, please mail them to me.

If you are a microtonalist and you are not listed below, please e-mail your URL to me and I will include you.

Only minutes until the bass solo ends.

Most of the music we hear in based on a system called 12 tone equal temperament (or 12TET for short), where the octave is divided into 12 equal parts. Microtonal music is generally defined as any music that is not 12TET. Some folks base their music on the harmonic series, some divide the octave into 19 or 31 equal parts, some divide the octave into 43 unequal parts, some don't divide the octave at all.... There are an infinite number of ways to choose your tonal resources. Browse this page, and especially the links to pages of other microtonalists. Check out the Notes on Microtonality, listen to the sounds, make your own sounds.

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